Directly translated from Italian, sugo literally means “juice”, but is also commonly referred to as “gravy" or “sauce". In our family, sugo means the robust, hand crafted marinara that Mama (like her Mama and Nonna before her) so lovingly toiled over for hours in our small kitchen. Love, like the smell of fresh sugo (and Mama’s wooden spoon), was always in the air at every special meal, and we hope to share this tradition with you and your family!
Every summer my mother would buy (more like haggle for!) the best case of tomatoes she could find. She would then cook them, showing us how to build flavor with spices, and while the flavor built, she’d show us who's the boss with her wooden spoon—I swear that spoon could take corners! I loved helping her work hard in the kitchen, sharing her passion with our family on those special occasions. Now, I’m happy to share with you our family’s sugo (sauce), which took me countless batches, measurements, and pinches of this-a-and-a-that-a to master. Mama, I dedicate this jar to you, because you are LOVE!
Plum Tomatoes, Pear Tomatoes, Salt, Sugar, Black Pepper, Crushed Red Pepper, Garlic, Red Onion, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Canola Oil, Fresh Leaf Basil
• Fresh, quality ingredients
• No additives
• No preservatives
• Antioxidant rich
• No cholesterol
• Low fat
• Vegetarian/Vegan
• No dairy/lactose
• No corn
• No soy
• No tree nuts
• Fresh, quality